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I wanna find out if he is cheating on me ...

In this case you will not want to ask him directly! A little piece of diplomacy won't do any damage, a contrary: you will have the chance to be together even if you had a bad premonition.

You still must ask him the right questions in order to find out if he is cheating on you, but you can do this asking about his work hours, about how was him in the past days ...  

In that way you will find if it is time to ask the painful and direct question:

"Are you cheating on me? " but you must argument it: "because I saw you with .." or "because I found that you was at ..." and so on ...

Never believe that he is cheating on you if you have no evidence to support it. I know that finding such evidence is a hard work and sometimes it is not possible, but in that case: "Just ask him!"



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